What is ESG and how does it impact me?

An emerging factor in securing new business, investment, financing and partnerships, is your ESG score (Environmental, Social and Governance).

Your actions and policies in these key areas increasingly impact your perception as a risk factor for future stakeholders.

Our ESG Platform helps you track what matters, and deliver trusted data in the flexible ways you need.

E - Environmental

This includes your GHG emissions, energy and water use, material sourcing, packaging, lifecycle management and pollution

S - Social

This includes your skilled workforce, employee health and safety, diversity and engagement, human rights, data security and community relations

G - Governance

This includes your organizational governance, supply chain, business ethics, compensation, and risk management

As you export your project, approach investment funds, and try to place yourself alongside global brands, these considerations will continue to become more and more crucial to your success. And although there will be many different reports and types of data stakeholders will be interested in, Meridian DLT approaches ESG as an activity in preparing the baseline data for whatever type of reporting or clarity may be required.

Contact us about your project, and see how we could work together to prepare your impact works for the bright lights of the trillions of dollars that will only flow into ESG friendly places.

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